Best for Skin

What do we mean by Best for Skin?

Why does Olive take ingredient goodness so seriously?
Our skin absorbs much of what is put on it. Once a product is in our skin, a substance is inside our body. People worry about what they eat, yet our stomach contains strong acids which deal with most items ingested. In contrast, our skin has very little protection.
Olive skincare products are truly natural and safe Olive Natural Skincare products are independently audited and certified natural by NATRUE.  Our products are manufactured in our own facility, which is audited and certified under good manufacturing practice (GMP) (ISO: 22716:2007). Olive Natural Skincare customers can be ensured that we continually meet the highest possible standards of safety and quality.
NATRUE certified
NATRUE is an international certification promoting transparent standards of natural and organic cosmetics. It helps consumers identify products that have undergone effective and thorough assessment of their natural/ organic status and guarantees natural ingredients (
Free from synthetic substances and chemicals
No petroleum, silicone oils, GMO ingredients,  synthetic colors or artificial fragrances.
Our skincare uses powerful active plant extracts and our Olive Bio-complex that help to nourish the skin naturally, combat free radical damage, help the skin remain youthful and look beautiful.