Best for Planet

what do we mean by Best for Planet?

Zero Carbon
The Olive Natural Skincare business and brand operations are certified Zero Carbon.  The audit and certification were undertaken by independent agency EKOS New Zealand.

Our Zero Carbon status is a major achievement, however, we will continue to strive to
improve our eco-outcomes over time.  For instance:

  • We currently have discussions underway with the objective of only purchasing electricity from renewable sources.
  • We have a project exploring the practicality of producing some or all of our own electricity from solar panels.
  • Our laboratory and manufacturing facility is water neutral, i.e. we only use water which
    we collect from our site.
  • We are part way through a B Corporation certification.

The Olive Natural Skincare boxes, bottles, tubes and jars are recyclable.  We are currently making progress in sourcing recycled (PCR) plastic packaging, and we look forward to when such packaging is readily available and economically viable.

Production / ingredients
Our laboratory and production facility is located in rural New Zealand, in the midst of a large olive plantation.  Its ecological footprint is light.  Our plant-based ingredients minimise utilisation of non-sustainable resources.

Our commitment
Our commitment is to ensure our business remains at the forefront of eco-awareness and sustainability.