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We control the whole process; growing, pressing and bottling, to ensure we provide our customers with the finest quality olive oil. Only the best fruit is harvested and cold pressed the same day. This captures all the natural health benefits while savouring the pristine flavour and signature aroma that can only come from the best extra virgin olive oil. Simunovich Olive Estate extra virgin olive oils contain no salt and are cholesterol free. We bottle our oil in dark glass to preserve the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Our olives are picked at just the right time for optimal flavour and colour and then processed entirely on the Estate the same day using top-of-the range, Italian-made Pieralisi processing equipment.

The benefits of our on-site processing facility are many:

  • Our equipment is closed, so pulp and oils are not exposed to air and therefore do not begin to oxidise before packaging
  • The process is continuous, so crushed olives are not left sitting in the factory waiting for emulsifying
  • All Simunovich Olive Estate oils are cold pressed to maintain all their original flavours and nutritional benefits
  • Being processed entirely on the Estate means we have complete quality control from picking to packaging.

After separation the oil is immediately polished to take out any impurities including small droplets of vegetable water or fine sediment; but that is not the end, we filter it too. This is why Simunovich Olive Estate oil tastes so great and we can confidently say that no one else in New Zealand makes it this way

It takes approximately three hours to process the olives from fruit to olive oil. The olives are first tipped into a hopper, conveyed through a leaf blower to remove any leaves, and then washed thoroughly in a water bath. From there the olives go through a crusher and the pulp is augured into the malaxer (similar to a concrete mixer) where it is heated to 25°C for about 80 minutes to extract the oil from the pulp. The pulp and oil will then go through the centrifuge to extract any hard waste (pulp, skins and stones). Lastly, the oil and water that is left will go through a separator to remove the water so that we are only left with our award-winning extra virgin olive oil.


When establishing the estate, we chose to produce delicate oils that are pleasant on the palate and easily swallowed. Our oils are ‘drinkable’ oils and this makes them popular throughout New Zealand.

Our extra virgin olive oil is classed as ‘delicate’ to ‘medium’ tasting, well balanced with crisp, fresh and fruity, green grassy notes on the tongue, almond notes on the throat and a slight peppery after taste. It has a clean green colour with an acidity level of 0.13% and a peroxide value of 4.8. All our olive oils are made from 100% pure olives, entirely grown and pressed on the Simunovich Olive Estate.

Benefits of Olive Oil

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidants—great for protecting your immune system
  • Oleic acid is known to be extremely heart-healthy
  • High source of vitamin E
  • Regulates and balances insulin levels
  • Olive oil is a ‘good fat’
  • Anti-bacterial properties
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