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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Olive Natural Skincare we are more than happy to answer all of your frequently asked questions or queries about our product range. 

There’s simply no such thing as a dumb question!  If you cant find what you are looking for, please contact us for more helpful information.


Please complete a New Friend request, and we will dispatch a sample to your address (Only available in the continental USA and New Zealand).

Olive is based in New Zealand. Olive products are made in our own production facility, in rural New Zealand, approximately an hour south of Auckland City.
Almost all of Olive’s product is sea freighted to overseas markets. Because cargo ships carry so much at a time, and because skincare products are small, the amount of CO2 released per unit of Olive product is small. Air freight is far more eco-negative, which we hardly ever use.
Yes, our laboratory and production facility and processes are audited and certified to GMP standard.

The formal wording is: “Olive Natural Skincare is independently certified natural by Natrue and complies with the Natrue criteria for natural cosmetics”. There is then a reference to our auditor and certificate number.

From our perspective, Olive is certified to the highest level of ‘naturalness’ by the independent agency Natrue. Their requirements and audits are as demanding as for organic certification.

Look up to see who they are and what they require.

Yes, all Olive products are plant-based.  We currently use some honey and beeswax as ingredients, so Olive products are not strict vegan.  We intend phasing out the use of honey and beeswax in the near future.

On this website and on the product packaging.

We do not use palm oil as an ingredient.  Some of the Olive products include ingredients which are derived from palm oil. We are currently working to ensure that these items are sourced from certified sustainable palm oil sources.

No.  FYI, micro beads are often used in products which require a mild abrasive, such as skin exfoliants. We use other alternatives, such as ground up olive pits.

No, we do not use alcohol as an ingredient, using the word alcohol under its common meaning (eg ethanol). We believe such items are too harsh for skincare products.  The ‘alcohol’ ingredients which we do use are so-called ‘fatty alcohols’ (eg cetyl alcohol), which are quite different in effect on the skin, ie safe.

Firstly, yes we print an expiry date on each item. It is in the nature of a ‘best before’ date – that is, quality may be compromised if used after that date, however it would be unexpected to be dangerous if used soonish after.  We strongly recommend that any product past its expiry date is disposed of.  Our products typically carry an expiry date of around 2 years from production.

Secondly, we also show an icon suggesting an open cap, and a number next to it. The number is the number of months we recommend as the maximum for product use after opening.  Again, we would not expect product used soonish after, to be dangerous.

However we strongly recommend that any product which has been open for more than the use period, should be disposed of and not used.

For the most part, yes. All of our bottles, tubes, jars, and cardboard retail boxes are recyclable, and we would love consumers to do so.

We have an ongoing project to try and source recycled (PCR) plastic bottles and so on. At this stage they are uneconomic to use, but we hope the price comes down soon.  Our pumps and lids are not recyclable, and again we hope that availability arises soon in the future.